Sunday School

We are looking forward to learning and growing in faith with our young people. Sunday School is an opportunity for children to learn about the promises that were made with them during their baptism, and discover the stories of the Bible.

Since the world around us continues to change, we decided to try something new this year for Sunday School… Every Sunday during a portion of Worship! Sunday School started on Sunday, Sept. 17thThis year the Sunday School lessons will follow the Gospel readings. Pastor will share the lessons with the Sunday School volunteers prior to the service, the volunteers will be dismissed from our service after the Children’s sermon. Teachers are encouraged to ask questions and listen to what the kids know about said lesson/message. Opening the bibles and letting the students find where the message is in the bible and expand on the meaning.  Suggestions or Examples; Storytelling, role playing, acting out the different people in the story and helping them understand how it applies to us today, and/or crafts or music.  Students will return to the service for communion with their families and to help with the Dismissal.

Sunday School will look similar to a VBS style – lots of energy with lots of things to learn!

We still have some things to figure out, but we are looking forward to trying something new – this doesn’t mean that Sunday School will look like this forever, but we won’t know until we try it. If you have any questions, please reach out to Bailee or Pastor Mollie.